The story of GSI

    GSI was established in 2010

    Grasping the general development trend of the country, especially seeing great opportunities and potential in the industry of tools & industrial equipment, GSI Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd. was founded by Mr. 2010. Over a decade of construction and development, up to now, GSI has become a well-known brand in the field of providing hand tools and equipment for industrial plants.

    Assess the context and anticipate future needs

    Industrial revolution 4.0 and the global supply chain are two key concepts that are considered the driving force for the development of the mechanical engineering industry. In particular, the downstream industry including household mechanics and tools is a large segment including tools in the following industries: electricity - pneumatics - maintenance, repair - grinding - polishing materials - cutting paring - welding; Construction and DIY hardware; Production equipment and machinery; Reinforcement components: Bolts and screws of all kinds, rivets, mechanical springs...
    Recognizing the inevitable development process of mechanical engineering in general and the necessity of industrial tools and equipment in particular. GSI was born not only to bring quality tools and equipment but also as a solution to ensure maximum efficiency and cost savings for businesses.

    GSI's tooling process from 2011 - 2019

    2011: Sealey

    In 2011, GSI proudly became the sole distributor of the Sealey brand in the Vietnam market. Possessing many strengths such as a wide product range, European quality standards, and high brand awareness, the cooperation with Sealey marks the right first step and opens up many other opportunities for GSI. This is also the longest partner to date of GSI.


    2012: Measuring instruments, hand tools Taiwan

    By 2012, GSI distributes more products about Metrology measuring instruments and equipment. There is also a collaboration with the Pard brand specializing in hand tools and tool cases.

    2013: Expansion to other premium tool brands

    2013 marked many memorable events when GSI officially became the distributor of a series of high-end tool brands from Europe such as Knipex, Rennsteig, KS Tools, and Felo...


    2015: Memorable milestone after 5 years

    After 5 years of establishment up to the time of 2015, GSI has achieved several certain achievements, completely worthy of the efforts and enthusiasm of the leaders as well as the entire staff.
    ➧ Sales: reached 34 billion.
    ➧ Customers become reliable partners for many projects and industrial customers in providing comprehensive solutions for industrial tools and equipment.
    ➧ Brand promotion: participate in the NEPCON exhibition on the Electronics industry in association with Knipex, Rennsteig, and Wera in Hanoi.

    2016: Work safety shoes and GSI brand products

    By 2016, GSI tried with the group of protective footwear products. Besides, the company has started focusing on GSI TOOLS own branded products, namely tool bags with 4 main product models.


    2017: Change in product strategy

    Realized that there is a need for a change in the strategy of providing output products. GSI has diversified its input partners. Combining partners present in Vietnam with foreign partners, including Fujiya and Bthother (Japan).

    2018: Breakthrough in product diversity

    2018 can be said to be a very memorable year for GSI when a series of "golden events" took place.
    - Become a shareholder in the founding of IWS in May 2018.
    - Proud to be the distributor of many high-end brands in 2 groups of cutting tools: Volkel, Kennametal, and consumables: Motorex, Pferd.
    - Having the opportunity to cooperate and work with customer Vinfast on an electric vehicle project that provides a total solution for hand tools.


    2019: Completing the product ecosystem of GSI

    Officially become the distributor of Hahn + Kolb brand in Vietnam market. This is of great significance in helping GSI complete the total solution of quality tools.
    In 2019, GSI also became a partner of Stahlwille brand - the leading company in Europe specializing in providing tools for the automotive, aviation - space industries.

    From 2019 until now, GSI is still trying every day to develop and perfect the apparatus, along with the company's development policies. The 4.0 revolution is entering a boom period and has a clear influence on businesses. The management realizes that businesses need to be well prepared in this technology game. Therefore, GSI has applied the ERP solution - Enterprise management software system to the apparatus. The software helps the company build a standard process of interaction and interaction based on business resources, applied to management of stages from goods import, sales marketing, delivery service to inventory management, accounting. ... Bringing high efficiency in business management and administration.
    All efforts of GSI's leaders and all personnel are directed towards the common goal of the next 5 years' vision to become the number 1 company in Vietnam providing quality tooling and equipment solutions for manufacturers. industrial machines!

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