Coming to GSI TOOLS, customers will be able to own high-class industrial tools from different famous brands in the world. Perfect from design, variety of models to the best product quality.

    Coming to GSI TOOLS, customers will be able to own high-class industrial tools from different famous brands in the world. Perfect from design, and variety of models to the best product quality.


    For customers

    • With the motto "Customer-centric", GSI TOOLS always aims at the highest goal of satisfying customers' needs. We always understand and put ourselves in the position of the customer to evaluate and see all the most general issues.
    • If someone wonders, does GSI TOOLS research, research, and evaluate customer needs? Then the answer is yes, we always actively learn, synthesize, and comprehensively evaluate based on the thoughts and aspirations of customers, to improve and provide the best products to customers.
    • GSI TOOLS always implements customer care programs with many attractive and practical contents, ensuring benefits and increasing benefits for customers. For example Promotions, customer gratitude, anniversary,...
    • Customers are respected when buying from us, with a team of professional, dedicated, enthusiastic people always ready to assist you at any time. We build a system of principles of communication and behavior towards customers for our employees, which clearly define functions, tasks, and standard behaviors to be performed.

    Our customer

    Let's list together with a list of customers who have always trusted and accompanied GSI TOOLS during the past time, specifically: Vinfast, Pepsico, Schaeffler, Thaco, Viettel, Hoa Phat, P&G, Sumitomo, Meggitt, Mercedes -Benz, Knauf, Hyundai, Fujikura, Hawee, sun-group, First Solar, ABB, even-NPS, UAC, Saint-Gobain,...


    Participating projects

    Typical projects in which GSI TOOLS has directly participated and contributed significantly are as follows:

    1. GSI TOOLS provided workshop equipment for the Hayat Vietnam project.
    2. GSI TOOLS provided factory equipment for the GE Energy Hai Phong project.
    3. GSI provides industrial equipment for the German Development Cooperation project - GIZ.
    4. GSI provides equipment & tools for Tay Nguyen Wind Farm Project.
    5. GSI provides equipment for JINSUNG HITEC VINA CO., LTD.
    6. GSI provides factory equipment for VIETNAM HYUNDAI SUCCESS COMPANY.
    7. GSI supplies consumables for Pepsico Vietnam Can Tho factory.
    8. GSI - Supplier of consumables for the factory BBP PAPER JOINT STOCK COMPANY.
    9. GSI provides equipment for Nha Trang College of Engineering and Technology.


    And there are many other related projects, when ordering industrial tools at GSI TOOLS, customers will receive attractive benefits as follows:

    • Genuine, high-quality products from European brands.
    • The product portfolio is rich and diverse such as metal cutting tools, hand tools, workshop equipment, measuring tools, lifting equipment, grinding tools, labor protection, fixing tools clamps, consumables, ... Guaranteed to help customers choose the right product, suitable for the job needs.
    • Genuine warranty policy, the clear warranty period for customers.
    • Packing, shipping, and delivery all over the North - Central - South.
    • Best competitive price in the market.

    "Customer satisfaction is our success", constantly researching, designing, and investing in building a system of products and services with the best quality, meeting the needs and bringing the most satisfaction. customer satisfaction.

    Customers who are interested in GSI TOOLS' businesses, companies, and products, please call Hotline: 0943.808.594 (see Mr. Dung) for support and answer all questions as quickly as possible. Can be accessed at the Website: GSI TOOLS.com.vn.

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